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The Sativa strain appears as a tall and skinny plant structure, and is usually found in equatorial countries of South East Asia, Columbia, and Mexico. Sativa mainly affects the mind and is associated with uplifting, joyful feeling. This strain is found to be effective for treating stress, anxiety, and depression, among other mental and behavioral issues.


The Indica strain on the other hand is a more shorter, denser plant that is believed to have originated in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and thrives in a cooler temperature than the Sativa strain. Indica mainly affects the body, and is commonly associated with a “body-high” feeling of heaviness and/or body melting. The Indica strain is typically used for full-body pain relief, stress relief, and aiding in a good nights sleep.


Hybrid cannabis strains use different combinations of Indica and Sativa strains to achieve the perfect balance of each other, depending on what the user is looking for. A hybrid can be Sativa or Indica dominant. For example, a Sativa dominant hybrid would give a nice, relaxing body effect, while still achieving a cerebral high.


Grades are assigned based on a plethora of factors, so not everyone may agree on the exact grade of a given product. Here at BC Nectars, we use grading to primarily address the expected potency, handling quality, and strain rarity.

For raw products, grade A will be the common lower quality flower that was harvested at the incorrect time, and likely contains a few leaves and twigs. Grade AAAA (quads) will be a perfectly harvested flower with lots of trichomes and likely is unique/rare to the market.

The grade for concentrates is based on the grade of the source material used, and then adjusted up or down one level based on the purity and consistency of the final product.

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