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BC Nectars is proud to provide a selection of cannabis that can be enjoyed in either solid, liquid, or gas form. In a solid state, we offer a selection of raw or natural products, along with a variety of edibles. Some customers prefer a solid state of product as it can be easier to ingest and is not as concentrated as other forms. In liquid form, we have an array of capsules or cooking oil for you to enjoy. Cannabis in liquid form allows you to precisely measure out the amount of product into a capsule or easily control the amount you add to your ingredients with the cooking oil. In a gas state, we provide product that can be vaporized. Vaping is an increasingly popular choice, as it allows the user to inhale all the active cannabinoids, while avoiding any harmful elements that may still exist on the plant.

Raw / Natural

A nugget refers to the familiar flowers, or buds of the cannabis plant. At the top of the plant is the main cola, which is usually where the largest collection of flowering buds are located. Colas can appear at the end of any major branch. The cola is the major section of the cannabis flower, while the calyx refers to the actual bud itself. A sign of a good strain is a calyx that is covered in trichomes. The calyx has the highest concentration of trichomes in the plant which makes it a popular part of the cannabis bud to smoke or vaporize. Trichomes and the resin they produce are used to make a wide assortment of cannabis extraction and concentrates.

Shake is best described as a type of leftover. It consists of smaller pieces of the cannabis flower that have broken off of larger buds, usually due to handling. In a setting such as a dispensary, shake is what collects in the bottom of a container as bits break off of the nugget, which can then be collected and then sold on its own.

Kief refers to the resin trichrome of cannabis. Like shake, it can accumulate in containers or be sifted from a loose, dry cannabis flower with a sieve. When cannabis is ground up finely, you can filter the loose kief crystals that will fall through a sieve to be collected. Kief has a much higher concentration of psychoactive cannabinoids than the actual cannabis flower where it is derived from. Kief is usually converted into hash, but can be smoked or vaporized in either form.

Hash is produced from separating the kief from the pant and condensing it. There are two main ways hash is made. One is by sifting mature cannabis tops through fine sieves until only a resinous powder remains. The powder is then compressed and heated to allow the resins to melt, which binds the remaining matter. The resin is compressed into blocks sealed with cellophane or cloth. Another way hash is made is by rubbing the resinous tops of the plant with your hands, which allows the resins to stick together. These are then scraped off the skin and rolled into lumps, and later compressed into blocks. The resulting product is a highly potent, gooey and pliable substance that can be smoked in a variety of ways.


BC Nectars specializes in Therapeutic Cannabis Extracts. A cannabis extract is oil that concentrates the marijuana plant’s chemical compounds, such as CBD and THC. Terms such as shatter, wax, crumble and budder are common nicknames of cannabis extracts. While the oil can be extracted in a number of different ways, butane is the most common process.

Shatter is a concentrate with varying degrees of transparency and colour. It has a consistency of honey when warm, and cools to look glass-like in appearance, and shatters when tapped, hence the name.

Cannabis wax on the other hand is a more opaque oil that is softer than shatter, and looks similar to ear-wax in appearance. The wax can take on different consistencies depending on the heat, moisture and texture of the oil before it is purged to remove residual solvents from the product. A more runny oil that forms a gooey type of wax is known as “budder“, whereas a harder wax takes on more of a brittle, soft texture and is known as “honeycomb” or “crumble”. The term wax is used to describe both the hard and softer textures.


Our liquefied oil caps are filled with cannabis oil obtained from our butane honey oil extraction process. These pills are a simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without smoking or consuming an edible.

We offer cooking oil as a fun option for you to be creative and incorporate our products in your culinary adventures. Cannabis cooking oil is a perfect substitute for butter or regular oil, and can be used to make a variety of delectable treats.

Edibles are a delicious alternative to smoking marijuana. Our edibles are the perfect blend of scrumptious treat and are infused with THC Destillate and/or CBD Isolate to a perfect dosage. Sit back relax and enjoy the flavours of this delicious medicine.

We have a broad spectrum of edibles with rich sugar flavours and we also have products for more naturals preferences like honey for example.

Our cannabis-infused topical lotions are a new way of experiencing all the positive effects that marijuana has to offer, without getting high! The topical ointment is applied and absorbed through the skin to help with pain, soreness and inflammation.


All of our products come in appropriate containers that we have carefully selected and branded for authenticity. We will choose one of the options below depending on the volume and nature of the substance.


We also market pre-filled cartridges that are ready to plug in to your electronic cigarette. There are many varieties of available e-cigs and often cartridges fit in multiple devices depending on the connector type. Since we are not a hardware dispensary, we only stock a small snapshot of the popular sizes, so please check out our entire list of Vaporizer Cartridges for more detail and contact us if you would recommend that we carry a particular model.


For purchases larger than a few grams, we use silicone containers of varied sizes to package your cannabis concentrates. Products such as shatter and wax are temperature sensitive and can easily become a sticky mess. Silicone does not stick to cannabis concentrates, maintains it’s shape, and is easy to clean.

All our envelopes are custom made loaded with QR Code, baring our Embosed Logo and Sealed with holograms to ensure the authencity of our product.We vacuum seal or use smell proof bags before shipping your products inside Boxes or envelopes.

For a variety of our products, such as capsules, we use glass or plastic containers according to the product to ensure that the product its kept fresh and not damaged on its way from our hands to yours. We vacuum seal or use smell proof bags before shipping your products inside Boxes or envelopes.

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