BCNectars MLM Glossary

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A person, company or website who promote the products of our business to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on a sale or a successful conversion.

Affiliate program:

A marketing program run by our company to gather affiliates to promote our products for a commission or reward.

Affiliate username:

The affiliate username is the same as the email, and is a means of identifying an affiliate. The affiliate can use their username in their affiliate referral URLs instead of their affiliate ID.

Affiliate referral link:

It’s the way affiliates use to promote our products. It has the affiliate ID or username appended to it, so the affiliate can be tracked when a customer visits our website. If the customer successfully completes a sale or becomes an affiliate, a referral will be generated and the affiliate will be awarded a commission.


Promotional activity (and tracking) of a product or brand through marketing channels or mediums. Our site allows affiliates to use campaigns to track where referrals are coming from. Affiliates can name each campaign in the Affiliate Area when generating an affiliate referral URL, and the campaign name will be automatically appended to their affiliate referral link. They can then choose to place a campaign-specific URL in a specific marketing channel. This helps them see where they should focus their marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals. Some examples of campaign names an affiliate may use are: “Winter email”, “Twitter January”, “Facebook sale”, “Summer special”, and so on.


A small piece of data which is stored in a user’s web browser when they visit a website.


A percentage of a purchase total or flat rate monetary amount that is awarded to the affiliate each time a conversion is made.


A conversion occurs when a person visits our online store and takes an action such as 1) purchasing a product, or 2) joins as an affiliate.

Direct referrals:

Sales that were directly referred by an affiliate through their referral link.

Indirect referrals:

This type of referral is created when a sub affiliate directly refers a sale. Our system detects the sub affiliate’s direct referral, and it automatically creates indirect referrals for each upline parent affiliate in the direct affiliate’s personal matrix.

Lifetime commission:

Our system links a customer to an affiliate, allowing the linked affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer.


Is any action that results in a conversion.

Referral Statuses:

Each time a referral is generated, it is assigned a status. There are four possible values that can be assigned,

  • Pending. This is a referral that has been generated but is not yet confirmed
  • Unpaid. This is a confirmed referral that is waiting to be paid out to the affiliate
  • Rejected. This is a referral that was rejected
  • Paid. This is a referral that has been paid to the affiliate
Unilevel plan:

The unilevel plan we have created allows you to get a different percentage commission in direct / indirect referrals according to the level the sale happened. You can grow as wide as you desire.


Affiliate referral link variation. A slug is the piece of the referral URL where there would usually be the affiliate’s username or ID.

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